Home Staging

Did you know that during the first 90 seconds that the client visits your property he/she decides if he/she likes it or not?

You only have one chance. This time is decisive to make the best impression. And that is exactly what we get with this real estate marketing technique: love at first sight, a crush. We want the client to fall in love with the property that you want to sell and he will inevitably want to buy or rent.

It is the real estate marketing technique based on decoration and small reforms that can help to sell any property in less time and at a higher price.

It is a staging, recreating how idyllic life can be in that house.

Why home staging?

It will take you much less time to sell your home

75% of the homes for sale took less than 90 days to sell. And 55% sold in less than 40 days.

88% of homes for rent took less than 15 days to find a tenant. And 47% did so in less than 7 days.

45% of the clients are private individuals, compared to 27% real estate companies and 11% developers. In 54% of cases, real estate agencies and developers have re-hired home staging to prepare another property.

The real estate market is so wide and competitive that your property must stand out and the best way to do it is through home staging.

It is the best way to avoid that after a few months with few or no visits you are forced to reduce the price of the property or sell it badly.

You save yourself the haggling of your potential clients due to the fact that the state of the property is not adequate.

It is better to initially make a small investment in giving your home a good “facelift” and apply this technique of “Real Estate Decoration” accelerating the sale.

Home Staging decoration is a staging that appeals to the senses of the visitor generating a series of emotions that create something similar to love at first sight and see in your house your home, the house of your dreams.